I’m porting Titan Attacks to iOS!

Some big news: Grey Alien Games is porting Titan Attacks, by Puppy Games, to iOS (iPhone and iPad)!

I enjoyed playing this game back in the day before it made it onto Steam with Puppy Games’s other excellent modernised-retro titles such as Droid Assault (another favourite of mine). Currently I’m writing a new game framework in Monkey (a cross-platform language) and so when the opportunity came up to do the port I accepted because I can improve my framework with this already successful and popular IP – plus, you know, it’s just a cool game.

Caspian Prince, who runs Puppy Games, lives surprisingly close to me in Somerset, a cider-swilling county, and I live in Dorset (it’s full of fields and poo). So we met up the other day and he got me set up with the original game’s source code in Eclipse. First thing I’m going to do is prototype the iOS device controls and test them out on people so we can pick the best ones. I’ll be keeping a developer diary for this game so keep an eye out for that.

When’s it out?
We are aiming for early next year, but really it’s going to be “when it’s done”. I’ll be posting progress updates.

We are hoping that between us and the indie community we can make some good sales of the game when it comes out. Making games for iOS is always a bit of a risk but we’ll aim to do the right things in order to make it a success.

What about Android?/Windows Phone?

We’ll see. Monkey can compile for those platforms, but we need to focus on the iOS version first

What about my other projects?

Recently I’ve been working on a Flash Game called Dying To Live. I still intend to get that game out the door but it might take a bit longer. It will share the same framework as Titan Attacks, so that will be handy.

Soon The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is coming out on mobile (my 3rd casual title on mobile). Well perhaps I should say it’s nearly done and after testing we need to publish it. We are in talks with some publishers but if that doesn’t work out we’ll self-publish which will be quick (it may take a while if we use a publisher due to delays in their pipeline and any special APIs they may want integrating).

Also I’ve still got to make a bunch of levels for Eets Munchies, by Klei Entertainment.

So yeah, busy times ahead!

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