Writing & Editing


Helen is an experienced writer and game designer, and has worked on these projects:

Regency Solitaire

A visual novel-style, dialogue-driven story set in Regency England. Historical romance.


An RPG card game including character dialogue, and also lots of lore and pithy, evocative item descriptions. Swashbuckling adventure set in the 1770s.

Ancient Enemy

Editing the words of writer, Jim Rossignol, in addition to contributing snippets of game text and PR/marketing material in a similar style. Lonely, post-apocalyptic fantasy.

Going Medieval

Contract writing for Foxy Voxel’s medieval colony sim. Including all backstories, lore and descriptions to complement procedurally-generated characters, items and events. Extensive historical research into all aspects of 1340’s medieval life, historical events and warfare. Editing and proofreading all game text prior to localisation; supporting developers who are non-native English speakers.

Cartel Tycoon

Contract editing for Moon Moose/Tiny Build’s survival business sim inspired by the ’80s narco trade. Included character backstories and text for events and tooltips, as well as editing and proofreading all game text prior to localisation using Unreal Engine’s localisation editor.


Prior to getting into game development, Helen wrote about science and business for over 20 years, has been editor of two magazines, and has taught writing at university level.


If you’d like to chat to Helen about rates or availability for your project, please email: [email protected]