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Ancient Enemy gets ‘honourable mention’

Friday, May 21st, 2021

Ancient Enemy received an ‘honourable mention’ for excellence in design at the 2021 Independent Games Festival.

This was particularly gratifying for us, since we have been iterating on our combat card game mechanics, which we first introduced in Shadowhand. We felt we really honed the gameplay and figured out what was ‘fun’ and what was holding players back, to deliver a really great and new card battling experience in Ancient Enemy.

Congratulations to all the IGF nominees!

2021 Artwork

Tuesday, May 11th, 2021

I haven’t done any more paintings since the last art post in 2019 because I was working on Ancient Enemy (which did involve a lot of fiddling around in Photoshop with other people’s art), and then T-Minus 30.

However, I did boot up Pico-8 recently and made a cool title screen logo for Cyberjam. Then I took part in #LD48 and made a platformer game called “Where’s my computer gone”, and I’ve posted several screenshots from that below.

I’ll update this more post later in the year if I do any more art.

[EDIT] OK I did some more work on Cyberjam in the summer including upgrading all the art and have uploaded for more screenshots below.