130 Posts and counting…

So my blog has reached 130 posts in just under 3 years. That’s nowhere near as many as some prolific sites but I believe that it’s certainly a good number to be proud of. Most of the posts are quite long and lots have good information for people who are interested in getting into writing Indie/Casual games.

I often receive positive comments and emails from people who tell me that my site has really motivated them. It’s really great to have feedback like that, so thanks very much! Getting feedback like that actually motivates me to keep on posting – so it’s a positive circle of feedback 🙂

I have often considered if I should have two blogs: One for game developers and interested parties, and another one just focused on marketing the games on my site. This is because potential customers could find some of the stuff I post on this blog weird or pointless (for them) – and maybe it’s slightly unprofessional to have it attached to my main game site. I’ve seen some sites with blogs just talking about their game news and offering discounts etc. and developer blogs hidden away elsewhere. This is probably a good idea. However, now that I’m working for Big Fish Games and have removed all affiliate games from my site, it’s less important for me to have a game marketing type blog. So for now I’ll keep on posting everything into a giant melting pot as I treat this site more like my portfolio to be honest.

One more thing, does anyone know if wordpress has a plugin that would allow me analyse my articles in terms of total word count and average words per post etc? (Yes I know I could probably google for this, but you can’t beat a personal recommendation). Thanks in advance.

2 Responses to “130 Posts and counting…”

  1. Steve Says:

    Great blog – I check it all the time. Did your new game launch on Big Fish Games? Thought you mentioned Jan 9, but “Fabulous Finds” didn’t seem like it was from you…:-)

  2. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Thanks, glad you like it!

    No the new game was released as beta on Jan 7th but there was still quite a bit to do. It’s due on Feb 6th (probably to GameClub members as they get it a day earlier). That’s an immovable date so I’ll be posting about it here when it’s out 🙂 Actually that weekend I’m doing a presentation/lecture thing at the Vancouver Game Design Expo so may not post the news about my game until I get a spare bit of time after the weekend. So keep an eye out for it 🙂