Why is my website so popular in Norway?

I sometimes check Alexa to see my site’s Traffic Rank. It normally hangs around 300,000 but sometimes peaks up into the 100,000s somewhere.

For ages now something has perplexed me… Alexa reports that 32% of my users come from Norway! At my Traffic Rank is highest in Norway (really high). See the screenshot below. This is really weird and I have no explanation for it. Perhaps it’s because Alexa isn’t that accurate as it relies on a browser toolbar plugin to record stats, and perhaps for some reason a disproportionate amount of people have the plugin in Norway?


6 Responses to “Why is my website so popular in Norway?”

  1. Tor Martin Kristiansen Says:

    I think I’m a part of that percentage 🙂 I have your blog etc. on RSS feeds, and visit it every time it updates.

    I’m using Firefox with an Alexa plugin, it’s the same on my own website, a really big % amount, so it seems after many visits the percentage keeps increasing 🙂

  2. Darek Rusin Says:

    Hey, can it be because of I don’t know where Juuso is based, but I’m guessing Norway or Finland. I believe his blog is where I first heard about your site, so there might be more people like me 🙂

    Anyway, congrats on your new gig at Big Fish Games! If they’re as professional from the “kitchen” as they are from the front then you’ll have a good time 🙂


  3. Grey Alien Games Says:

    @Tor: Ha, maybe it’s all down to you…;-)

    @Darek: Juuso is from Finland, but yeah maybe he attracts some Norwegian readers…Oh thanks for the congrats BFG are a great company to work for on the inside.

  4. Jason Maskell Says:

    You might as well read tea leaves, you’ll get about the same level of accuracy when analyzing your traffic results as with Alexa. Do YOU know anyone with that shit toolbar installed?

  5. Grey Alien Games Says:

    @Jason: lol. Yeah well one person above confessed to having it 🙂 But I guess it’s maybe more accurate for sites with more traffic, but nevertheless it’s certainly not an exact science – however, I liked using it as a guide.

  6. Tor Martin Kristiansen Says:

    Yup, I’m using the SearchStatus addon for Firefox which has a lot of nice webdesigner tools (including Alexa rank checker), and not the official Alexa toolbar 🙂