Warning: Do Not Play!

Disclaimer: Do Not Play this video if you are worried about messing with your brain! I cannot be held responsible for any unusual effects or damage that may occur. You have been warned.

I made this track on my Amiga using ProTracker in about 1993 when I was 18. It contains a 3Hz pulse which is supposed to adversely affect your brainwaves. I made the pulse go in and out of phase on the left and right sides to mess with your hemispheres and then I added some crazy intense trance music over it. Listen to it with headphones on for the full effect.

The sample in the track is my friend Steve Bond saying “There’s something weird going on in my body … uh ah … I can’t take it, I think it’s going to kill me.” and the guitar playing is me.

Enjoy! 😀

4 Responses to “Warning: Do Not Play!”

  1. Alexei Vinidiktov Says:

    Yeah, I’m still alive. 🙂 That was fun.

  2. hermitC Says:

    Used my headphones for this. My brain seems to have a different frequency. Sorry, nothing happened 🙂

  3. James Says:


    I thought the opening VFX was going to lead into a Doctor Who intro.

  4. Damien Says:

    I’d say this would word if you used proper, in-ear headphones that blocked air escaping, so the 3hz could actually hit the eardrum properly.

    At which point the changing of pressure in there could make you a bit woozy. Other than that I’m not sure if its the 3hz, or just the crazy music! haha 🙂