Quick Armadillo Summary

I just posted a quick summary of my experience of Armadillo on the IndieGamer forums. I actually wrote about it in more detail in March but there are a few extra points in this summary like why I had to get a custom build of Armadillo.

I use the $299 version. I bought the $150 version first discovered it didn’t do 60 minute trials and had to upgrade but made a small saving with the upgrade, 10% 🙂

Anyway, there’s tons of options I didn’t really understand until I read up and asked other people. Also my first wrap was detected as a trojan by a user’s anti-virus program so I got a custom build. The HTML pages took ages to make (even though Indiepath helped a bit) and aren’t very flexible.

I use it to make free keys sometimes and it integrates with BMT and Plimus (and probably Share-IT), what I mean is they auto-generate keys and send it to customers, which is cool.

Basically it’s a bit tricky to use but once you’ve sussed it out, it does the job. My games are all cracked but I can’t tell if it’s from my release or the portal’s releases…

One Response to “Quick Armadillo Summary”

  1. Richard Says:

    With Softwrap you are able to generate activation keys for your products which can be supplied to any ecommerce provider, eg Plimus, ShareIT, BMT.

    This means that you can ensure you have the security that Softwrap offers without having to change your payment provider.