My Casual Connect indie panel

Video capture by Casual Connect

I recently attended Casual Connect 2011 in Seattle where I spoke on a panel about being indie hosted by Mark Baxter. Fellow panelists were Ola Rogula (Doll Divine) and Shane Neville (Ninja Robot Dinosaur).

The panel was called “DIY: Indie Game Dev from Napkin to Profitability” and you can watch the whole video here.

The sound volume is a bit low but if you turn it up it’s clear enough. Enjoy!

Doing the panel was a lot of fun, plus I got a free pass to Casual Connect, which was awesome. Next week I’m on a panel at PAX Dev about being indie.

4 Responses to “My Casual Connect indie panel”

  1. Arowx Says:

    Hi Grey,

    Nice one your right Unity and 3D Flash combined with PLAYERIO or similar are going to bring some amazing potential games experiences to players, especially now that Minecraft has set a trend with Sandbox style games. Actually it could be where developers build the themes and settings and users build the games/challenges!

  2. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Yeah then game designers will be out of a job, gah!

  3. Arowx Says:

    Not really you just become a Sandbox designer builder and then let people play in the sandbox for a fee, or free and sell them better shovels, buckets and flags!

  4. Jake Birkett Says:

    Aha so it’s the level designers who will be out of a job 🙂