Future Ghosts

I was thinking about ghosts and haunted houses the other day. Let’s assume for the purposes of this blog post that ghosts do actually exist. So if you live in an old house then there may be a chance it has a ghost right?

Well if time is really non-linear and it’s only humans who perceive it linearly then who’s to say you can’t get ghosts FROM THE FUTURE. Your house may be new but could still be haunted from the future because it will stay standing for 100-200 years. It may even be haunted by YOUR OWN GHOST! :-O

So the only way to ensure you live in a non-haunted house is to a) buy it new and b) 100% make a promise to yourself that you will smash it up when you leave. This still doesn’t solve the problem of what happens if you die in it or a visitor does. OR if maybe ghosts don’t haunt houses but just the 3D space no matter what is there.

Any thoughts?

8 Responses to “Future Ghosts”

  1. James Says:

    I would assume its the place that is haunted not the space, ie haunted ships (not sure ive heard of haunted planes though!)

    That post reminds me of Bill and Ted where he promises himself to hide his fathers keys in the future!

    You coul possibly use that to test whether time travel will exist in your lifetime, if you promise yourself that if time travel existed in your lifetime you would leave a sign somewhere for you to easily find, maybe even create a website for your past self to visit , hmmm. ….. fail

  2. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Yes I’ve often thought the same thing about time travel i.e. if it became possible in my lifetime I could go back to myself right now and say “hey time travel exists Jakes!”. Except that it hasn’t happened yet so it either doesn’t exist or I’ve got a really got reason for not coming back or maybe it’s just too expensive 🙂

  3. Ryan Says:

    There’d be no real way of assuring you aren’t in a haunted house, I mean you could promise to smash it to bit after you move out but you can’t gaurantee that you wouldn’t be unexpectantly killed before you had that opportunity. So no sense worrying about the ghosts instead you should seize the opportunity to talk to them about the future and lean as much as you can about our robotic overlords

  4. Mickey Kawick Says:

    Silly question.

    Alright, assume that time can be compressed and uncompressed and that we live in a relatively uncompressed time “window”. The arrow of time is a constant so even if we are going quickly through time relative to someone else (who is traveling close to the speed of light) we still move forwards through time and can never meet up with someone from the future… unless… we travel close to the speed of light…

    Now let’s put some large-scale engines on that haunted house, travel at least 90% of the speed of light… now were meeting ghosts from the future. But we will miss our friends.

  5. Grey Alien Games Says:

    lol, hi Mickey, hope you are well, long time no see. Well I’m not sure that the house could stand the torsional stress, but your question may well be valid for spaceships!

    Another thought, if ghosts haunt a 3D space, then due to the rotation of the earth and it’s path around the sun, and our galaxy’s slow movement then they would never be in the same place again anyway. Unless they haunt the physical material of the building or something.

    Anyone have the answer? I sure as hell don’t…

  6. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Yes Ryan, absolutely right, if you failed to smash it, you could still get ghosts. I believe your “take it easy” attitude towards ghosts shows a positive growth oriented approach even if it is freakin’ scary! 😉

  7. Mickey Kawick Says:

    I like your non-linearly thinking. The fact is that all stories involving time travel (that I’ve seen or read) avoid the strong relationship of space to time: if you move in time, you effectively move in space even if its just stuff moving around you because you are standing still.

    HG Wells Time Machine captures the essence of the problem of time travel: how can you travel in time and stay in the same spot?

    So to your point: if a person dies and becomes a ghost, how is he bound to the earth? If s/he can move through walls, why doesn’t s/he just travel through the ground and off into space with the earth leaving her/him behind? Are they affected by Earth’s gravity? Or is space filled to bursting with dead aliens’ souls?

  8. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Yes agreed on the time travel front, I always found that odd, unless the time machine was calibrated to take into account the planet’s movement (we have to assume it was, via some little cog arrangement or something ;-)).

    Maybe we are leaving a trail of ghosts behind us like an invisible comet tail of spirits. Perhaps the ghosts are bound emotionally to the physical location (or even a person?) and that acts as their gravity of sorts, ensuring that they are not left behind the planet. OR they don’t exist, but for the purposes of this conversation, we are assuming they do theoretically.