Building an awesome team

Just read an article on Inside Social Games, and there was a great quote in it by Curt Bererton, the CEO and co-founder of social game developer ZipZapPlay, about building an awesome team that I thought was worth sharing. I’ve seen first-hand what an awesome team can do and also the opposite, so I agree with this statement wholeheartedly (I’ve bolded a key statement):

“Our philosophy is that we aren’t looking for prima donnas or drama queens, just smart and cool people who love games and get things done. Turns out this combination is pretty hard to find. Probably the most significant factor in our success is the people I work with: my co-founder Mathilde and our awesome team of great people. Having fun, highly skilled people without egos working together means you can move quickly without getting bogged down in drama or politics. Speed is the probably the most important factor in the success in almost any business, and this is doubly true in social games. I’m just happy to go to work every day and make great games happen.”

What experience do you have of working in or building an awesome team?

2 Responses to “Building an awesome team”

  1. Roman Budzowski Says:

    This is so true.

    I don’t know how, but I found out that I’m good at finding great people to work with. Maybe it’s easier when it doesn’t have to be in your neighborhood. I also try to close “bad relationships” quickly. If you don’t enjoy working together from the very first task it will most probably stay like that forever.

  2. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Good for you that you can pick good team members easily. I also agree it’s good to end bad working relationships quickly having clung onto bad relationships in the hope that they might get better before.