250,000 hits

This site has now had 250,000 over the last 2 years or so. That’s a really small amount of hits compared to some sites that get way more than that in a single day, but I’m proud of that number 🙂 I track “old-skool” hits, not unique visitors or any of that fancy stuff, and probably a few thousand of the hits are mine from testing out site changes!

I basically don’t do any marketing for this site except for having a link to it in my form signatures and relying on google. There are a few links to it from other sites, but nothing special. I make some money from Adsense, but nothing to write home about, and I make more from affiliate games sales and direct sales of my own games. I could market the site a lot more and probably make some reasonable money from it, but my main job is writing games and the site is just a “web-presence”, as you hear people say. If I was to spend more time on my site, my game programming would suffer so I stick to what I’m best at for now. Actually, ideally I’d love to delegate the running of the site to someone who can really turn it into something good…

2 Responses to “250,000 hits”

  1. u2o Says:

    Hit’s are misleading as they are a count of objects on a page. Eg, if a page has 3 images on it and is visited by 3 people you will have 9 hits.

    I would advise setting up a Google Analytics account, it’s free and really, really informative. I cannot believe Google give it away!

  2. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Thanks. I have Google Analytics too, it is very powerful especially if you have a site that sells something and you want to track conversion rate.

    The way my hit counter is setup it does only go up once every time the whole page is read. But nevertheless it is misleading as clicking back in the browser will push it up again.