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Ancient Enemy Dev diary #4: Progress!

Tuesday, May 14th, 2019

It’s all coming together!

All of the artwork for Ancient Enemy is done and most of it is plugged into the game. What’s not quite done is the enemies – we still need to plug those in and will do that over next few weeks.

It’s really great to have all our playing cards final as a result, so that we can show you lovely screenshots like the one above so you can really get a feel for the game.

Collectable cards

We’ve added collectable card graphics and we’re in the process of coding how these work (many have been done). Some are similar to Shadowhand in how they will work, but some have new mechanics as well.

All the game UI and fonts are final, which includes the game HUD and dialogs and the inventory screen.

So much content…

All of the music is done (by Charles Higgins), which adds really great atmosphere. You can check him out on Soundcloud.

Jim has written a first draft of the story spanning 11 chapters and over 100 levels.

We are also making the sound effects this week : we can carry a handful over from the previous game but need new ones for all the monsters and magical spells.

We’ve planned out the mini maps for all of the chapters, which include optional sub-paths for players to explore.

Teaser trailer

We recently made a teaser trailer and we’re pleased with how it turned out. We’ve had positive feedback and a bunch of extra wishlists as a result, which is really great.

Particle effects (like the fireball above) are well under way and Jake’s been having fun coding these for bombs, spells and special abilities.

Watch out for more on these in a video soon!

As always we’d love it if you wishlist/share our game – thanks!

Teaser Trailer!

Friday, May 10th, 2019

We are very excited to show off this teaser trailer for Ancient Enemy!

Wishlist here: