Shadowhand story intro movie revealed

March 21st, 2017

Grey Alien Games is now able to reveal the new Shadowhand intro movie:

We are delighted to include the voice talent of our friend, the actress Julie Neubert as Shadowhand.

Strategic RPG card game Shadowhand will be coming soon to Steam, where it can currently be added to wish lists.

Game Wisdom podcast

March 14th, 2017

Jake was recently a guest on the Game Wisdom podcast.

Host Josh Bycer discussed Jake’s background in the game industry as one of a few indie developers who has been around for over a decade making video games. The chat also takes on topics such as appealing to casual and core gamers, and what it means for marketing your game, as well as how upcoming game Shadowhand is focused on the Steam audience.

Have a listen to “The winning hand of Grey Alien Games,” here!

The Question Bus podcast

Jake was also interviewed by Keir Miron of The Question Bus at Steam Dev Days in Oct 2016 about Regency Solitaire and Shadowhand and you can listen to that here.

Shadowhand Developer Vlog #11- Potions

February 22nd, 2017

Today we’re taking a look at how to counter the slowing effects of alcohol with tea, as well as the constitutional boost delivered by a steak and ale pie. An angry washerwoman also bombards our heroine with soap in an attempt to disarm her, as Jake tests out some of the 17 potions available in the Shadowhand, the unique RPG card game for PC/Mac coming to Steam soon!