I have sold 100,000 units online, woo!

Since starting Grey Alien Games I have sold over 100,000 units online. I’m very proud of that figure. When you see an number like that it’s: a) a good indicator that you are successful at what you do, and b) fairly easy to imagine it being 1,000,000 instead. 😉

The sales are from the 6 games that I programmed and the Grey Alien BlitzMax Framework that I made, so 7 products in total (I cannot be more specific about which product sold what quantity due to contractual obligations). Most of the sales came from portals such as Big Fish Games, Oberon, and Reflexive, but I have also received a small amount of direct sales. I don’t really do any marketing for my site so any direct sales at all are a bonus.

The total revenue (after processing fees) from those sales is over £110,000 and it’s nearly 100% profit (97.6%), I’ve only spent a tiny amount on tools and game assets. The average earnings per hour is £34.88 (I kept detailed time logs of time spent making my products). Three games have earned me over £40 per hour.

The good thing about selling games online is that the figures above are not final! They will keep going up month after month, albeit dwindling over time.

Hopefully I’m proof that being successful as an Indie casual game developer is possible. You can do it too!

Happy New Year! Have a great 2010.

7 Responses to “I have sold 100,000 units online, woo!”

  1. Boaro Says:

    Great news!!! It’s really nice to hear that, give us HOPE!!!
    And Thanks for sharing these information.

    Have a great new year!!!!

  2. Aranya Says:

    That’s amazing Jake!!! And it wasn’t that long ago that I remember you selling your first. Yes, true success & easy to imagine 1,000,000 – such things can take off exponentially as your games get known. You’ve worked hard though I know to create something of quality & you really deserve all that you are now reaping…

    Wishing you a fab 2010!!!!


  3. Robert Schultz Says:


    Were these games ones you made when you were still indie?
    Did I read that you recently took on a job working for the man?

  4. James Carmichael Says:

    Congratulations on the sales – that’s fantastic. Hope you make it to a million!
    Wishing you a very happy and prosperous 2010!

  5. Grey Alien Games Says:

    @Boaro: Have a great new year yourself too.

    @Aranya: Yep, the first one was key to believing it was possible. Now onto 7 figures. Make 2010 really happen for you dude.

    @Robert: Yes, those games were all ones I made when I was Indie, although the last one, Unwell Mel, was partially finished when I was an employee. My company Grey Alien Games still gets royalties and sales reports for it though due to the fact that I was a contract programmer for most of the project. Now I work for Big Fish Games as a programmer and designer, but I still own Grey Alien Games and it ticks along nicely in the background.

    @James: Thanks! I hope you have a prosperous 2010 too, you deserve it.

  6. Juuso Says:

    Jake – awesome!

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