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New Improved Blog!

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

Hi.  I’ve been putting off posting on this blog for nearly 2 months now, even though I’ve got tons of news and lots to write about, because this “new improved blog” has been in development and it’s taken me *ages* to finish due to a) me being a web programming “noob” and b) only being able to work on it in dribs and drabs. However, it’s finally done – YAY!

I’ve manged to install the WordPress code on my site so that my blog is no longer on the Wordpress domain.  I wanted to do this for several reasons:

a) having it on my domain is better for traffic/google etc.
b) I can modify it as I want (if only I knew how ;-))
c) I can put adverts on it.

You can see that I’ve monetised this blog with Adsense, which may make some of your cringe, but hey it’s pretty normal these days and my traffic is increasing all the time, so it makes sense to make use of Adsense.

So please let me know if there are any bugs in the site or cosmetic issues because it’s been pretty tricky getting it all to work with my limited knowledge – but I’m proud of the result.

Also, expect to see lots more posts on here now that it’s finally up and running! 🙂