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Positive Word Association

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

Whilst travelling home on the bus today I was doing some Ki Breathing (deep breathing to my centre, 2 inches below the navel) because I had a headache and was worried I might be getting a flu (two other family members have had it for about a week now). So I was focusing on exhaling negativity and toxins, and breathing in fresh new energy to cleanse my system. The headache went away surprisingly quickly and I felt tension in my shoulders and neck ease off (oh and I was listening to Jean-Michel Jarre on my iPhone too which helped).

Then I began to put myself into a positive mindset by thinking about being healthy and lucky (I often feel gratitude for my life situation). Just then the bus stopped and because I was sitting on a side seat I could see out of the window on the opposite side. Straight ahead of me was a sign above a shop door that said “Are You Lucky?”. I thought this was funny and suddenly my focus shifted to shop signs as the bus began moving. I saw words moving past like Open, Dollar, Bank, Fitness etc. and thought it was interesting that my mind was picking out these positive words. So for the rest of the journey I continued to look out the window to see which words floating by struck a chord with me and there were many fun positive words. When I got back, I felt great!

Many people put up positive affirmations around their house or in a particular area, and some people make dreamboards. I did this in my last house and it worked well. In fact I need to do it again soon. The simple act of reading positive words (and saying them aloud to yourself) puts you in a better state of mind. This is why I choose not to read negative news and not to join in with people having negative conversations, I’ve really got no use for them – but if there is some great news or people laughing and joking, then, yes please, I’d like some of that 🙂

My Interview on Sell More Games Blog

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

A friend and associate, Roman Budzowski from Anawiki Games, interviewed me a couple of weeks ago and you can read the results of my rather lengthy interview here. I wrote so much stuff – I’m sure I could have turned it into a ton of blog posts! Anyway, it’s well worth the read if you haven’t seen it already.

There are also 3 other really interesting interviews on Roman’s site:

Chanon Sajjamanochai (creator of First Class Flurry and Shop n Spree)

Cliff Harris (Cliffski) (well known Indie developer and owner of Positech games)

Yaroslav Yanovsky (CEO of Enkord, creators of many Indie and Casual games)

All these are well worth a read, so hop over there now and keep an eye out for future interviews.

500,000 hits!

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

So the little hit counter at the bottom of my website finally reached 500,000 hits last weekend. What it says are hits are actually page views (and probably quite a few are mine from testing etc). Of course this is a tiny number compared to some sites but I’m pretty proud of it. Now to aim for 1,000,000!

Some stats that show growth

– I’ve been logging hits since Nov 29th 2005 (so just over 3 years).
– The site reached 100,000 hits on May 26th 2007. So it took 18 months to reach that number, which is an average of 5500 hits per month.
– 250,000 was reached on March 25th 2008. So only 10 months to get 150,000 hits. This is an average of 15,000 per month = nearly triple growth!
– 500,000 was reached today (21st Feb 2009). So 250,000 hits in 11 months! That’s an average of 22700 per month. That’s pretty neat.


So when will I reach 1,000,000 hits? At the current rate it would appear to be possible in 22 months, so by Dec 2010. However I believe that it will happen a lot quicker than that because monthly hits have been going up a lot recently and I think that they will keep on going up. According to Alexa the site is getting a lot more traffic the last two months probably due to more blogging and some link building. I’d love to reach 1,000,000 before the end of this year … let’s see what happens! 🙂

Old Skool

Oh one more thing, checkout how my site used to look when I first made it to promote Xmas Bonus in December 2005. It feels like ancient history now, lol.