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2021 Artwork

Tuesday, May 11th, 2021

I haven’t done any more paintings since the last art post in 2019 because I was working on Ancient Enemy (which did involve a lot of fiddling around in Photoshop with other people’s art), and then T-Minus 30.

However, I did boot up Pico-8 recently and made a cool title screen logo for Cyberjam. Then I took part in #LD48 and made a platformer game called “Where’s my computer gone”, and I’ve posted several screenshots from that below.

I’ll update this more post later in the year if I do any more art.

[EDIT] OK I did some more work on Cyberjam in the summer including upgrading all the art and have uploaded for more screenshots below.

2018 Artwork

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019

I only did two proper digital paintings in 2018 but I think they turned out well.

This is a ruined church in Dorset that sits inside an ancient circular earthwork.

And this is a ruined barn close to where we live that I took a photo of during the very dry summer we just had.

I also did a bunch of mockup art for our new game Ancient Enemy like the logo below which became a reference for the final logo.

You can wishlist Ancient Enemy on Steam here.

Earlier in the year I dabbled with some pixel art but never did any more until the end of the year when I did a gamejam using Pico-8! This game is called “Cyberjam” and is inspired by Cybernoid and has some basic animated enemies and explosions. I’ll probably make a separate post about it soon.

Anyway, I aim to make some more art in 2019 because I enjoy it and I think I’m improving.

2013 Artwork

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Inspired by Noel Berry’s Art A Day I thought I’d try to make a few pieces of art this year as it’s been *way* too long since I did anything like that, plus I’d like to improve my skills at making digital art so I can make some half-decent stuff for my One Game A Month titles (I’d still hire a pro for anything commercial).

I’ve even ordered a fancy new Wacom tablet which should arrive in a couple of days. Meanwhile the first few images are made with a mouse, which really isn’t the best method, but I’m still having great fun. It feels great to be creating even little pieces of art like these.

I’ll update this blog post with more pictures as I create them.

Here are some more (click to enlarge):