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Being Indie is AWESOME!

Sunday, February 12th, 2012


Recently there’s been a meme going round that shows how people’s jobs aren’t what other people think they are and how they are boring or suck. So I thought I’d do my own version about being indie!

Because my picture viewer plugin bugs out when you zoom in, you might want to try this link instead. If you want to spread it, please use this yfrog link instead to save on my bandwidth, thanks!

Another point I’m making with the image that is less obvious is that I’m honest with myself about what my work is and most of my friends are indies, so they know what being indie is like. Also my family has seen me doing indie stuff for years and so has a pretty good idea of what I do. I like to be open about what I do with creating games because constructing facades takes too much energy and they are likely to break one day anyway.

Of course, maybe the reality of being indie is not quite as the image implies 100% of the time (like when I’m doing tax returns) 😉 But hell, it is awesome quite a lot of the time, and that’s good enough for me!