About Grey Alien Games

Hi, I’m Jake Birkett, owner of Grey Alien Games. I produce, design and program Indie games.

In 2005, after nearly a decade of developing stock control and accounting systems for bookshops in the UK, I formed my own company in a bid to realise a lifelong dream to make games! 18 years later I have 15 games under my belt including the top-selling Regency Solitaire and Spooky Bonus download titles, and the RPG card games, Shadowhand and Ancient Enemy.

Having been both an Independent developer and an employee in the casual game industry at Big Fish Games, I can offer my perspective of these different approaches and am knowledgeable about running a business. Due to the small manageable nature of downloadable casual games (they typically take 6-12 months to make with only a handful of team members), I have experience with every stage of the development process from design and implementation to testing and localisation.

Like many people my age I have been playing games all my life and love to put my experience to good use by making great fun casual games. As well as brainstorming new ideas with other designers I enjoy honing the fine details to give games that all-important polished feel.

This blog contains news about Grey Alien Games as well as articles ranging from game design and marketing to positive thinking and sales statistics. I hope that you enjoy reading it and are able to gain something useful from it. We also have a Patreon which is where we post most of our stuff these days.

I’m also the co-founder of Full Indie, a Vancouver-based meetup group for indie game developers with over 5000 members and I run Full Indie UK.

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