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Yes! Beat the FTL Boss (Video)

Monday, January 14th, 2013

At last! I finally beat the FTL boss ship on Normal mode 🙂

This time I had a better equipped ship with a cloak and a teleport, both of which came in very handy during the boss fight as well as earlier in the game.

The main weapon I had was the Glave beam which takes a long time to charge and consumes a lot of power but is hugely effective if the enemy has low shields and you can make the beam go over 3 or 4 rooms.

The first two boss fights went pretty well except I lost 3 of my key crew members during the second fight and then the 3rd fight went poorly but I just managed to clinch it before I died. I made a few mistakes of course – sometimes I just miss things because there is so much going on. Anyway, I’m pleased with the win and I hope that you can learn a new strategy that works for you from watching the video.

Here’s a video with commentary. Enjoy!