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Visiting the past

Saturday, June 13th, 2015

The Grey Alien team (aka Jake and Helen) have been on tour around the South West of England taking in some of our favourite historical spots.

As well as staying in some lovely Georgian hotels in Bath and hanging out in the Pump Room in honour of our friends from Regency Solitaire, we also went out into the Cotswold countryside in search of Regency landmarks.

We rocked up at this amazing hunting lodge, part of the Duke of Beaufort’s historic estate in Gloucestershire. It’s not in any way obviously “open to the public,” but a kind lady opened the gates and told us she lives there – actually in the monument – and offered to show us around! Click the image below to see our photo from earlier this week, alongside the Regency Picnic scene from our game.

Of course we hadn’t expected this…what an amazing building. The hunting lodge, designed by William Kent, is known as the Worcester Lodge, and was built as a hunting pavilion for the Duke to entertain his guests who preferred to observe the hunt from a distance, from the salon on the second floor. Kent’s work on the facade of the grand house, and on the hunting lodge, was done in the 1740s.

From the window there is a very long view (several miles) to the massive grand residence at the end of the long grass gallops.

Since it’s so far away, here’s a closer look:

Not too shabby…

Finally here I am imagining I’ve been invited to a Regency picnic in the shade of the lodge…

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