2018 Artwork

I only did two proper digital paintings in 2018 but I think they turned out well.

This is a ruined church in Dorset that sits inside an ancient circular earthwork.

And this is a ruined barn close to where we live that I took a photo of during the very dry summer we just had.

I also did a bunch of mockup art for our new game Ancient Enemy like the logo below which became a reference for the final logo.

You can wishlist Ancient Enemy on Steam here.

Earlier in the year I dabbled with some pixel art but never did any more until the end of the year when I did a gamejam using Pico-8! This game is called “Cyberjam” and is inspired by Cybernoid and has some basic animated enemies and explosions. I’ll probably make a separate post about it soon.

Anyway, I aim to make some more art in 2019 because I enjoy it and I think I’m improving.

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