Just signed up to Buzzparadise

I got an email from Buzzparadise today and I found out that bloggers can write honest reviews about products and receive payment for it. When you sign up you enter your blog details and what topics you write about. Then I believe you have to insert some code into your site that tracks traffic and if your site meets their criteria you will be asked if you want to write about certain products. You can of course refuse to write about certain things if you don’t want to, it’s completely up to you. It sounds pretty good, but I’ll reserve judgement until I actually get it up and running.

The email caught my eye because it was talking about promoting online games to help smokers quit their habit. As my dad is very ill with chronic emphysema due to smoking, that would be one promotion I’d be happy to do.

If anyone else has had any experience with BuzzParadise, please let me know your thoughts! Thanks.

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