My games have made $1,000,000

image by yomanimus

Woot! I finally reached an awesome milestone which is that my games have grossed over $1,000,000. I have made 6 games and one game framework, and I store all the sales figures and royalty report information in a *big* spreadsheet. Of course I only receive Net revenue, but based on the various deals that I have with the portals I have been able to work backwards to an approximate gross revenue for each game.

It’s pretty awesome to think that people have spent over $1,000,000 on games that I made. That’s a good feeling and an indicator that I’m doing something right 🙂 Also last December I hit a milestone of over 100,000 units sold online and this figure has gone up a lot since then too.

Anyway, I’ve been looking forward to hitting this milestone for a little while. I’ll report back when I hit $2,000,000. Wish me luck!

How is your gross revenue doing? I really want to hear some 8 figure numbers!

7 Responses to “My games have made $1,000,000”

  1. James Says:


  2. Helen Says:

    WAY TO GO!

  3. hermitC Says:

    Congratulation! Nice to see people earning big bucks with indie games.

    How long did it take to reach this milestone?

    PS: Here is my 8 figure number: 00000000$ – first game in the making, sorry 🙂

  4. Greg Says:

    Very inspiring. Congratulations.

  5. richtaur Says:

    “Very inspiring. Congratulations.” What he said 😉

  6. Juan Says:

    Congratulations! Hope to see that 2M post soon

  7. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Thanks everyone!

    @HermitC. Well the first game starting selling in December 2005 and all the games keep on making money, so nearly 5 years.