Titan Attacks mobile – Developer Diary #2

There’s not a whole lot to report since the last dev diary due to it being a bit of a slow week due to my son going into to hospital with a bad asthma attack. He’s fine now thankfully, and stocked up with medicines.

Project Created

As you can see from the screenshot above I’ve got a Titan Attacks project up and running in Monkey. I copied my Dying To Live project and have been modifying it and ripping stuff out, and of course it uses the same common framework, which I have been enhancing.

The above screenshot is just a test with a screengrab of the Titan Attacks main screen with a couple of buttons added – it’ll look a lot different when it’s finished. I also plugged in some music from the original game. This all helps me get into the vibe as I work on the project.

Oh yeah, it runs on my iPhone 🙂

GUI Code

I’ve been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work on my framework’s GUI system so that I can easily create menus, buttons, labels etc. Also the game now detects the device resolution/aspect ratio and can position elements sensibly. There’s some more work to do on the front however.

You can see a Debug button in the top left of the screenshot; this is to that I can display key information about the device and debug variables directly on the iPhone because of course I can’t press any special keys to show a debug panel!

Next Up

I’ll do what I said I’d do last time, which is prototyping the controls. Also I need to get the game to draw the GUI in a different layout on iPad.

I’m having fun working on this. I love upgrading my framework – it’s like an RPG character I keep leveling up with new skills.

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