Best Tip for Game Production is running a good post about the best tip for producing games.

My tip was “Finish your game“. Because without a finished game all the bug testing, polishing, marketing, support tips etc. are irrelevant. Of course I could have offered plenty of tips about *how* to finish your game and maybe some of those will come out in the comments for the post. I’m sure I’ll post some more tips one day soon anyway 🙂

One of the tips I liked was Focus on Focus. This is extremely important and should not be taken lightly.

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  2. Jason Harrison Says:

    This is similar to advice that Robert Woodham (ex-Chair of Computer Science at UBC) used to give to graduate students at UBC: “The most important thing to get out of graduate school is yourself.”

    Which is amazingly harsh when you are student, and amazingly true when you are no longer a student.

  3. Grey Alien Games Says:

    lol. So basically finish, that in itself is an achievement worth of some recognition. In England lots of students booze continuously (age limit for alcohol is 18) and many don’t finish their 3-4 years and if they do, they didn’t learn much.