100,000 hits!

Yay! has finally has 100,000 hits! I started the hit counter quite a while ago (Nov 29th 2005) but my site didn’t really get much traffic in it’s first “programmer black” incarnation. Later on I changed the site to it’s current look (with the help of a young designer from Texas) but it was all one page.

Finally I remade the site to have it’s current layout (minus blog) of a main games page and separate pages for each commercial game, plus I put my free games on a different page. This was to coincide with the release of Holiday Bonus in December 2006.

Since then I’ve had a reasonable amount of traffic due to press releases, shareware submissions and forum posts. I also moved my blog from wordpress to here in late February 2007 and started posting regularly, which has brought in some traffic. My Alexa rating is OK but not fab at around 300,000.

Traffic is slowly dipping since the re-release of Easter Bonus but hopefully the release of my next game in July (fingers crossed) will boost traffic back up again – or perhaps my blog will gain more readers. I’m not actively promoting the site so any traffic at all is nice 🙂 Thanks everyone!

3 Responses to “100,000 hits!”

  1. RiK Says:

    You’re welcome… 😉

  2. Stephen Says:

    But which one was your greatest hit 🙂

  3. Grey Alien Games Says:

    All of them! 🙂