You can filter BFG top 100

You may not know this but BFG recently added a new feature to their top 100 which allows you to filter by a chosen genre. Previously you could see the top 33 in each genre by going to the main page for that genre, but the difference with the top 100 filtering is that it shows the peak, weeks on and date released!

However, a word of caution, be careful when reading the peak. The reason is that sometimes it shows the peak in the top 100, and other times the peak in the genre. For example, in the match-3 genre Holiday Bonus is shown to have a peak of 54 which I know was what it reached in the top 100 because I saw it, but Unwell Mel is shown to have a peak of 1 which it has not yet reached in the top 100, it’s only no. 1 in the match-3 genre. Also The Wonderful Wizard of Oz shows a peak of 30 but I knew it got to no. 10 (I took a screenshot at the time). So something weird is going on, I’m not sure the figures can be trusted properly (shame otherwise it would have been ultra awesome). Anyway it’s still useful to see the whole current 100 for that genre.

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