10 million downloads

This article mentions how an Agatha Christie-based casual game – Death on the Nile has been downloaded 10 million times in 6 months (one of the downloads was mine, and I liked it). That’s pretty good (although my Wizard of Oz game has had pretty high downloads too…), so let’s do some projections:

If it has a 1% conversion rate, which is good but not fab, that’s 100,000 sales! Perhaps if the conversion rate is less due to people checking the game out of curiosity, then maybe it’s 50,000 sales. Still a lot, plus the game is only 6 months old. It’ll still be downloaded in another 12 months time, albeit at a lesser rate. So 50,000 x $20 = $1,000,000 nice. Although it’s probably been sold discounted many times via people like Big Fish Games, but worst case at $7 each that’s still $350,000 turnover. I wonder what the art, sounds, license and programming costs were? Probably a reasonable amount but not massive. This game will have generated some nice profit for someone somewhere for sure…

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