1.5 Million Hits

My site has now had 1.5 Million hits!

Back in August 2010 it reached 1 Million hits – that’s another 500K hits in 11 months. The previous monthly average was 28.5K hits per month, so leaping up to 45K hits per month is quite an achievement! Perhaps now there are just more bots scanning my site pushing up the hit counter 🙂

As I said last time, my site still has pretty low traffic compared to many, but now that I’ve been indie again (since January) one of my goals is to increase the traffic to my site and build a decent mailing list. I’ve relied way too much on the casual game portals for sales before and this year I want to try making different types of games and selling them direct.

So let’s see if I can reach 2 Million hits by the end of 2011! Wish me luck.

8 Responses to “1.5 Million Hits”

  1. Andreas Says:

    What is your biggest traffic source? I am trying to build my traffic but not with much luck. Any tips? Is it mostly to your blog or your main site?

  2. laurent courtines Says:

    I read your blog and you are my go to developer blog. I work at and am in charge of site traffic/metrics/marketing etc. If there was one thing I would tell anyone to do,it would to read Web Analystics 2.0 by Avinash Kaushik. Read his blog, read anything he writes. You’ll get a ton of ideas for growing your site traffic and monitoring click stream. Enjoy!

  3. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Thanks Laurent, I really should begin to study that stuff some more. I have a basic understanding, and have used Google Analytics before, but this site isn’t wired up with that stuff.

    @Andreas: I only have basic tracking on this site from my ISP and I get traffic from forums, RSS Feed, Twitter, Facebook, Search Engines and Shareware Sites mainly. Both my blog and my main page get traffic, enough to make about $10 a month from Google Ads (woo!)

  4. mindFreak Says:

    Hi Grey Alien,

    I’ve been reading your blog for quite sometime now. It’s been very informative and helpful and inspirational because I’m a developer too. Currently I’m working on a match-3 game. Can I know how good “Spring Bonus” is doing right now? It seems to be pretty good(as usual). I’d assume you can’t reveal the sales statistics right now. At least, please let me know whether it’s doing good or bad compared to your previous works?


  5. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Hi mindFreak, sure Spring Bonus has made over 5000 sales and over $17,000 so far (that’s for April and May royalty reports). It’s doing better than my earlier non-contract games did, although those games have kept on making money for years meaning their revenue is currently higher than Spring Bonus. I expect Spring Bonus to keep making money over time but it won’t get such as big boost each Spring as Holiday Bonus does each Christmas. Soon I’m doing a postmortem speech at the Full Indie meetup which I hope to get videoed and online.

  6. onlinegames Says:

    wish you luck, and if you hit 5 millions i get a cookie lol jk , but good, my first comment yay

  7. Defense Games Says:


  8. Grey Alien Games » Blog Archive » 2 Million Hits Says:

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