Where do you learn patience?

Someone on the Blitz forums asked “Where do you learn patience”. I responded as follows:

How old are you? Sounds like late teens if you are college? I never finished anything at that age too, but patience developed over time for me (by having a job and responsibility etc). However, I’m sure I could have learned it a lot sooner had I been taught what I now know.

Here’s some simple techniques:

– read this article
– I like reminding myself of the end goal and then I know that, even if it’s far off, every step I take is important. Then I can focus on each step properly.
– Break stuff into small steps and then get a step done and feel good about it.
– Take up a sport or martial art that teaches mental and physical endurance.
– Give up caffeine (and other substances) + eat healthy.
– Don’t fart around getting “ready” to do some work, just start it. After a short while you’ll probably get into it. Sometimes I have a boring task like filing paperwork to do, but once I start I get into it. I focus only on that and not “what else I could be doing”. So basically “Take Action”.
– Switch off email, Internet messaging, mobile phone and resist going on the Internet when you have something important to do.
– Make to do lists and do some planning. Enjoy crossing stuff off. But don’t spend all your time planning and no time doing.
– If you have been working for a while and start going nowhere fast, take a break, do something else and then come back to it later. You can even do another task on your to do list, but getting up from the PC is best.
– Listen to motivational music (probably without lyrics) so like trance or classical or SID chip music – whatever floats your boat.
– Don’t worry about it too much 🙂 You’ve got plenty of time to get better at focusing and at least you are aware you have a “problem”, and so you can now fix it. The single biggest skill you can have in my opinion is “awareness”, because then you can spot flaws (in you) and fix them.

Hope these help, I’ve got tons more…

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