Spiderweb Sales Stats

Jeff Vogel, founder of Spiderweb Software and creator of the excellent Geneforge and Avernum series of Indie RPG games, has posted some sales stats for Geneforge 4 in two parts: part 1, part 2.

It’s pretty interesting reading. Geneforge 4 has *almost* made a profit ($120K cost, $117 sakes). He includes salaries for everyone in his expenses so at least we know everyone got paid. The game will go on to make pure bottom line profit in a few months and will continue to profit for years.

One particularly striking phrase is:

“Don’t underestimate the value of owning your own intellectual property.”

I think that’s so true. If you can build a brand (like he has) and leverage your IP for years it’s an excellent path to big passive income. Well done Jeff. I’m keen to meet Jeff one day as he appears to be based in Seattle and I’m not far away in Vancouver, plus I visit Seattle often for meetings at BFG.

Quick warning: I bought Avernum 5 a year ago and I’m still playing it. It’s HUGE, excellent value for money and doesn’t get boring. Ignore the old school graphics and sound, the game is solid and has a really interesting plot that is somewhat out of the norm.

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