Speedboat Forever


Here’s a minigame that I made in 23 hours (including sleep, meals and distractions) at the recent OrcaJam in Victoria. I made it using a mini-framework in BlitzMax that I started coding in the week running up to the OrcaJam and extended more there.

The OrcaJam was awesome, I met loads of great Indies, and some fantastic minigames came out of it. If you get a chance to do a gamejam, do it, it’ll teach you a lot!

My personal goal was to make a complete game with:

– a title screen
– basic playable game
– win and lose states/screens
– music and sounds (I reused music that I made for my other framework games, except for one Holiday Bonus tune. But all the sound effects are new.)
– a basic level of presentation

Yes the graphics are bad programmer art and the gameplay is very basic, but it is a complete game, and it feels good to be able to make one quickly. Now that my mini-framework is more complete, I could do it again in a few hours.


– Use the arrow keys to avoid the rocks (grey squares).
– Pickup a certain number of yellow squares to complete the level.
– The bigger the yellow square the more points you get, but watch out, your speedboat will also grow larger!
– Each level requires you to collect more pickups, and you move faster, plus there are more rocks.
– Have fun! See if you can survive at top speed!

Download it here:

Windows (2.36MB)
Mac (2.58Mb)


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