Shadowhand in the press

Our card-battling RPG Shadowhand has been out on Steam, Humble Store and GOG for just over a month now so this is a good time to review how well the game has been received.

At present the game has a “very positive” rating based on 125 player reviews on Steam, with a median play time of just under five hours and an average play time of over 10 hours.


We had a particularly delightful review soon after Shadowhand launched from Eurogamer. According to editor Oli Welsh:

“Shadowhand offers no shortage of tactical nuance and good old RPG optimisation to sink your teeth into…a great game and a true original.”

PC Aficionado also praised the game, awarding Shadowhand 8.3/10:

“For a solitaire fan I’m guessing this is Witcher 3; the pinnacle of the artform.”

Gamewatcher gave the game 8/10. Aron Gerenscer said:

“After spending more than a couple of hours with it I find I enjoy it immensely.”

His top game moment:

“After tempering you and training you to get hooked on the “thrill” of solitaire, getting double-digit combos sure starts feeling rewarding – and it peaks when you hit that coveted 40 point combo needed for an achievement.”

We were also happy that, despite coming out at the end of the year, Shadowhand still made it onto several “game of the year” lists, such as this one by Game Wisdom.


It’s been great to see coverage of Shadowhand from Twitch streamers and YouTubers.

Here’s a small selection:




Wardfire (This is a playthrough series of the entire game)

Don’t forget, you can request a copy as a streamer/YouTuber here:

We’re pleased that so many people are getting a kick out of playing Shadowhand. If you have already played it, we’d love it if you can take a moment to leave a review. If you haven’t got your copy yet, click the link below 😉

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