Shadowhand developer vlog #3

A deeper look at strategy this week in Developer Vlog #3 on our unique RPG card game, Shadowhand.

Shadowhand is predominantly about strategic card play. This video shows some of duelling tactics that emerge from the solitaire-style mechanic that we’ve used to create a unique turn-based combat system.

How can we beat highwayman Rich Turnpike, armed with two blunderbusses? Jake talks about the nuances of damage types, strategic use of power-ups, how weapons charge, and how to build a long run to meet chapter goals. How far ahead can the enemies plan and how intelligent are they?

2 Responses to “Shadowhand developer vlog #3”

  1. Greg Mikolaski Says:

    I own every game you’ve ever produced–both from BFG and you directly– and have been looking forward to buying Shadowhand but enough with the “coming soon” promises already. Either it will be coming next week, or 3rd quarter ’16 or summer of 2017…how about something a teenie bit more specific? I’m tired of the the “pre-purchase” window being up yet not working for months.

  2. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Hi Greg! Firstly thanks for being a super-fan and buying all our games, that’s amazing and much appreciated. Well Shadowhand has taken longer than expected because it’s our most ambitious game yet, but it will turn out great as a result of the extra time. We are really close now and are aiming for end of August. Maybe it’ll take a little bit longer, but not a lot we hope. Thanks for your patience.