Please Resubscribe to my RSS Feed

Hi all, I recently changed my RSS feed to go via Google’s Feedburner so that I can track various statistics. So I’d really appreciate it if you can resubscribe to my RSS feed via this new link. Then I can see how many people subscribe and what articles they like best and so on. Thanks in advance!

3 Responses to “Please Resubscribe to my RSS Feed”

  1. Jeffrey Rosen Says:

    It should automatically redirect, just make sure to install the feedburner plugin.

  2. vigrid Says:

    Jake, could you change your RSS feed settings to show all the blog history? I am guessing Feedburner will download the entire history of your blog via the feed, and effectively make it searchable in Google Reader and other feed readers.

    Or, set a permanent HTTP Redirect (code 302, IIRC) on your old feed’s address, and the feed readers will update themselves.

  3. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Thanks Jeffrey, I didn’t think I needed the plugin but after reading what it does I see that it was wise to install it (done now).

    @Vigrid: good idea about the redirect but I think the plug may work, we’ll see. I can’t find any settings to show all the blog history so I don’t know what Feedburner will do, sounds good if it does make it searchable in Google Reader.