Obscure Indie Interview

I recently did a short email interview for and answered questions on various topics about the indie industry. I think it went well; see what you think:

Indie Game Dad Answers a Few Indie Questions

There are also good interviews on the site by Moacube and Winter Wolves. Interestingly, we all seem to pretty much agree on everything! We’ve all been making games for a long time and have seen the industry change a lot so hopefully we’ve got some idea of what we are talking about 🙂

What do you think about the state of the indie industry?

3 Responses to “Obscure Indie Interview”

  1. S.E. Gordon Says:

    Love the title screen for Spooky Bonus!

  2. Jake Birkett Says:

    Thanks! Keep an eye out for it in October 🙂

  3. S.E. Gordon Says:

    Definitely! I’ll be purchasing it directly from your site once it’s up. I’m an indie author myself, so I love supporting indie game developers who have a much more difficult job than me.