My game was on TV last night!

Last night my game, Unwell Mel, was on Urban Rush, a popular Canadian cable TV show on Shaw TV (Channel 4 in B.C).

The show had a Big Fish Games feature that showed off Unwell Mel and some other games such as Return to Ravenhearst, Azada 2, and some Hidden Expedition games. They interviewed Jeremy Lewis, the CEO of BFG, and talked about the games and the customer demographic etc. It was probably about 10 minutes long so it was a pretty decent slot.

It certainly felt good seeing my game on TV for the first time! Let’s hope for more media appearance of my games in the future 🙂

2 Responses to “My game was on TV last night!”

  1. ArowxGames Says:

    That’s great is there a site where we can catch it?

  2. Grey Alien Games Says:

    I looked but their site doesn’t have old replays which is a shame. I’ve recorded it on my camera (although I missed my game due to a “technical error” with the cable) so could put most of it on youtube, but that might be a copyright violation. I’d rather find it on the web legally if possible, but I’m not sure it will be. I’ll probably just have to be content with watching it live 🙂