My Christmas Competitors


It seems that the fighting is fierce on the frontline of Christmas/Holiday-themed match-3s!

Check these out:

and compare to mine:

Winter Wonderland uses outdoor snowy scenes that seem to involve houses – there’s only 4 backgrounds though. It has a nice snowing effect going on and lovely classical guitar music.  The game has a hammer with 3 levels of power up, snowballs (animated like mine) and a bomb.  It has weird horrible looking graphics for the chains on the locked pieces.  Also you have to remove ice tiles like mine, and it even has double thickness tiles (with snow on), like mine!  Pretty similar in some details, but overall it has a different vibe.

Holiday Gift has indoor Christmas decorations for backgrounds, a gingerbread man that looks like a voodoo doll, and some very dodgy music in my opinion.  You have to remove gold tiles.  This game is hardly any different from previous incarnations.  However it was released before mine, so I hope that people didn’t get their “fill” of Christmas games before mine came out!

Of the two I’d say Winter Wonderland is better by quite a bit.

Last Christmas the makers of Holiday Gift made Best Gift which was pretty much the only other match-3 Christmas game I was competing against, if I recall correctly. There also weren’t that many other Holiday games but there’s quite a few this year all competing for the same customers.  We’ll have to see how well my game get’s on in comparison.  Also on Big Fish Games and Reflexive I actually have both Xmas AND Holiday Bonus out at the same time, which gives me a bit more coverage.  Hopefully fans of one will consider the other.

4 Responses to “My Christmas Competitors”

  1. Roman Budzowski Says:

    I though that you’ll elaborate on this a little bit more. All mentioned games were marked HOT on BFG, so it’s not so bad 🙂 though they didn’t make it into top10.

  2. greyaliengames Says:

    Yep, none of the three are in the top 10 although Jewel Match has a good following and the Winter Wonderland version has made it into the top 33 puzzle games. I have no sales figures yet so can’t know how well it’s doing. Hopefully though, if Reflexive and my own site is any measure, it’s doing very well on BFG and the other portals…

  3. HelloWorld Says:

    Peace people

    We love you

  4. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Hmm is that spam or what? I can’t figure it out…