My blog is 3 years old!

Well the title says it all, my blog is 3 years old today! Woohoo! 😀

When I started this blog I thought that I’d just try out blogging because it seemed to be pretty popular and I wanted to find out more about it, and I thought that it could be fun (it is). I had no idea if I’d carry on or not, but here I am 3 years later and still going strong. Many people start a blog and then it fizzles out for one reason or another, so I view it as somewhat of an achievement that I’ve kept it going all this time with hopefully good quality posts. I’d had quiet patches for sure but that’s not because of running out of ideas, I’ve got so many noted down it will probably take years to turn them all into blog posts.

I’m sure that blogging has improved my writing skills (and typing) and I’ve certainly made new contacts and friends from having a blog. I also enjoy receiving comments and emails from people who find my blog useful and motivational, which is great.

However, keeping a blog up to date is not easy. It takes time to write the articles and sometimes you really want to do something else instead. At those times, I DO do something else instead. I only write when I feel like it (It’s supposed to be fun right? It’s not my “job”). Sometimes I go through intense patches where I want to write multiple posts per day and other times I hardly feel like posting for weeks – although I often try to make a few posts to make sure the site doesn’t seem completely dead. Some people blog daily, especially pro-bloggers, but I don’t have the time for that. Some post once a week (or less frequently) but then they find that traffic is not as high. Ideally I’d like to compromise and make several posts a week and some weeks I succeed with that. The other thing to consider is the timing of the posts, like leaving important ones on your front page for a few days longer than mini-posts – sometimes I do that.

This blog has changed over the years. At first it was on WordPress but then I moved it to my own space so that I could control the look and feel more. I added Adsense and my blog is gradually making more money from it, but it’s peanuts really – it probably pays for the hosting though, so that’s OK. I added a photo plugin a while back which is cool, but I don’t use it that much, only when relevent. I’ve also added a twitter link in the top right and put my RSS stuff up there too.

There’s lots more I could do though e.g. popular posts on the side bar, and Digg and Stumbleupon etc. Also videos and podcasts. Gradually I’ll probably do these. I’m not a web programmer though so fiddling around in HTML/PHP is not one of my strong points, although I do feel a sense of achievement when I finally get the desired result 🙂

At one point I considered two blogs; one for my game customers (with special offers and news etc) and one for developers and people interested in positivity etc. I noticed that some other developers do this and I think that it’s a good idea. However, now that I work for BFG and don’t have lots of affiliate games on the site, there’s not much point my having a customer oriented blog for marketing purposes. My own direct sales are not strong enough to merit a special blog, although I know I could boost them if I tried, but I’m not really bothered because I’m focusing on my day job at BFG right now (perhaps that’s dumb though and I’m missing out on a ton of potential passive income 😉 ).

So anyway, many thanks to all my readers, it’s been a good 3 years – let’s hope for 3 more!

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3 Responses to “My blog is 3 years old!”

  1. Tim Says:

    Hi Jake!
    Recently, I launched my blog too, at last. Dunno will it be as big as yours, but I’ll try to do my best =) Cheers!

  2. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Hi Tim, hope you are well, and good luck with your blog!

  3. SH Says:

    Congratulations, your blog baby is growing up! Thanks for all the great information over the years