My Big Fish Games

My Big Fish Games is an affiliate scheme run by Big Fish Games.

Game Page

After you’ve signed up you can make a special page (called a “Game Space) with your favourite games on. Here’s mine. I’ve populated it with 3 of my own games and a couple of best sellers that I like. You can write your own text to go with the games to give it a personal feel. However, I feel that the page is a bit limited with only 1 featured game and 4 favorite games. It would be nice if I could make different layouts and have different sections for say adventure, hidden object, my games etc. I rarely direct people to this page because I have my own website, but if I didn’t have a website then I guess this page would be useful.


As well as linking to your Game Space page you can also to the Big Fish Games front page and to individual game pages. All you do is add your affiliate code to the end of the link like this. Pretty simple.


The commission is only 25% per sale and because a lot of games sold on Big Fish Games are via the Game Club, the gross sale value can often be as low as $6.95! That’s a big different from the 40% commission offered by Reflexive where each game is sold at $19.95. However, once you “capture” a customer via your affiliate code, they remain yours for life. This means that every time they buy a game, even years later, you’ll make 25% from them! This makes up for the lower commission in my opinion.

Also, if someone who’s clicked one of your affiliate links makes their own Game Space and then starts making a commission from their own affiliate sales, you get 25% of their commission! (They still get their own 25%). So if one of your affiliate customers starts making loads of sales, you’ll be making 6.25% of whatever they make, wow! Plus it doesn’t end there, if one of their affiliate customers sets up their own game space, you’ll make 25% of 6.25% which is 1.56%! It’s not very much but it all helps. Believe it or not, this carries on forever, although at some point the commission must be less than one $0.01, so pretty much worthless (unless the superman 3 effect kicks in.


The online reporting system is not as detailed as Reflexive’s. Plus you can’t use the customer emails yourself (you can use the Reflexive customer emails!). You can see who all of your “friends” are and which ones have set up their own Game Spaces and how much money each of your friends has made for you. Furthermore you can manually add friends and email your “friends” with a newsletter etc. I haven’t used the email facilities yet – but I probably will when I release my next game. I might even use the email facilities when Azada 2 comes out as an experiment.

My Results

Firstly I’ll say this – I wish I’d signed up to this scheme sooner! I had it on my to do list all year but was so busy with my latest game that I didn’t bother. I’ve been losing passive income all that time, doh! I only just signed up to it in mid-December so that I could earn a commission on sales of Fairway Solitaire (my latest game).

I posted affiliate links to the game on my blog, on the showcase, on and in my BlitzBasic and IndieGamer signatures. Plus I sent out a newsletter to my Framework customers and my newsletter subscribers (approx. 400 emails). I know from tracking that only about 40% of people opened my newsletter and that the click through rate was only about 15% (so that’s about 60 clicks).

Straight away this resulted in some good commissions, one day I even made more than $60. This could have been people just buying my game via my links, or perhaps they were buying other games too. It’s exciting to check my email each day and see how much money I’ve made, sometimes it’s nothing (sob) and sometimes like $1.50, but other days it’s over $10, which I think is fine for a start. So far I’ve made nearly $200 in about 2-3 weeks. It may be slowing down now that Christmas is over and that most people who were going to click my links have already done so.

Certainly it’s done better than Reflexive has ever done for me in a single month, but it’s early days yet, I need to monitor it on a monthly basis. However, I’m pretty sure that it’ll build up much bigger over time. I know someone with thousands of friends who makes multiple hundred dollars each month, nice.


One more thing … You can find out your ranking in all the people using My Big Fish Games. When you logon to check your details it shows your ranking on the left-hand side. Currently I’m 89th on the Rookie Partners list (I was #1 on the Gold Members list for a while but I think that list is LOWER than the Rookie Partners list). I’ve been as high as #86 but I’ve dropped back a bit recently. I’m not sure how they work this ranking out – it could be based on total earnings or earnings in 30 days or something, not sure. It’s probably total earnings though because they also list the top 10 partners and they are in order of earnings. Their earnings are CRAZY good; the #1 parnter has earnt $67,000 – wow, that’s like having a good full-time job!

Hey if you are already a partner, let me know where you are in the list 🙂


So far I’m very happy with it and I’m going to work at boosting the income from My Big Fish Games throughout the year.

Naturally I’m hoping that some of you will use my links from the top of this page to either a) buy games or b) sign up to My Big Fish Games. You can’t loose and neither can I! What are you waiting for? Do it today.

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