Look in your own bag before blaming someone else’s boots!

A little while ago I was walking past the “shoe area” in my hallway and I smelled a pretty bad smell. I said to Helen that something smelled bad and she said “Yeah, I know. It’s your boots – they pong!”. So I smelled my hiking boots and they did indeed smell really bad. I didn’t know why because I don’t suffer from foot odour. So anyway, I picked up my boots and moved them out to the utility room whereupon I noticed that they no longer smelled!

This was puzzling, so I went back to the hallway and the bad smell was still there. Utilizing my super directional smell detector (my nose) I discovered that the smell was in fact coming from one of Helen’s many handbags. When I looked inside I found a rather gross old cabbage that she had bought a while back and forgot about. So my boots were off the hook! I threw the cabbage in the compost and all was well again.

So what’s the moral of the story:

Look in your own bag before blaming someone else’s boots!

Also, having too many bags clearly leads to confusion when it comes to unpacking, unless you are organised enough to have some kind of “bag management system” 😉

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