I’m Officially Indie (again)

photo by House of Sims

Hi all, yesterday was my last day at Big Fish Games so I’m officially Indie again today! I was Indie in the UK before I worked at Big Fish for 2 years and now I’m Indie again in Vancouver, Canada. There are tons of other awesome Indies here, some of whom are very well established.

Last night I had a party and invited some Indies round and we snacked, drank and played – you guessed it – Indie games on Xbox. It was a great start to going Indie. Here are some photos (bonus points if you can recognise any of the Indies 😉 ):

Last year I started the Vancouver Indie Meetup with Alex Vostrov and this year we will be taking it to a new level. Already we get 60+ people at the meetups and have great speakers. The meetups are a great place to meet like-minded Indies and to gain super-valuable information. Through talking to other Indies and doing research I was able to formulate a plan for 2011.

First up I’ll be putting some of my old games on the new Mac App Store and then I’ll be working on getting Easter Bonus converted to XBLIG and iPad. Then I have another existing IP I’d like to port to those platforms. I can’t release anything new for 3 months due to my non-compete with BFG but I’ll be investigating the Blitz “monkey” cross-platform engine meanwhile and will begin making a game for iPad. If the game does well (I hope so) then I’ll port it to a bunch of other platforms and start the next game.

My new games won’t be casual games but will incorporate some of the lessons I learned whilst making them. I may still keep some casual game side projects going alongside my main work to bring in some revenue because it’s a market I understand well. My aim is to work with other developers as a producer/designer rather than programmer for these casual games. Also I would like to do some game design consultancy in return for a percent of royalties. I already have some work lined up in this are – if you are interested in this service, please let me know.

If you want to team up on any projects, let me know, and I’ll see if I can devote any time to it. Thanks!

2 Responses to “I’m Officially Indie (again)”

  1. S.E. Gordon Says:

    Congratulations! You are already doing what many of us hope to do!

  2. Leo Says:

    Nice Job! Wish you great success with all these projects! Sounds like you’re going to release a massive flood of games this year! :-O