I owe my career to the Spectrum 48K

Read an interesting article on the BBC about people who started programming on the Spectrum 48K, which I believe is 25 years old today, gasp!

Also here is a video. I played all the games in the video, in fact I was playing Star Quake when my spectrum broken one Saturday morning, the screen went black, and it never worked again, sob. Now it’s just a retro ornament in my office.

So anyway I started a thread about it on the Blitz forums.

Regarding the old Spectrum vs C64 debate, well I have another angle on it which has nothing to do with the totally valid “standard” points about graphics and sound.

The Spectrum 48K had a RENUMBER command and the C64 didn’t, which was criminal. C64 had a perfect tape recorder whereas you had to buy your own (gasp) for the Spectrum and then set the volume on 7.2517 or it wouldn’t load and woe betide anyone who slammed a door or walked too heavily during loading. The Spectrum+2 (made by Amstrad) remedied this with a built in tape deck BUT it had no tape counter – CRIMINAL!

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