Give Stuff Away For Free!

Well that’s it in a nutshell. Basically I gave away a copy of a DVD that I’m selling here and ended up with a business partner in an exciting venture!

Also I have given away a couple of free copies of my framework. One guy promised to make some tutorials and has done one so far with more to follow – this saves me time and money and makes the product better with no effort on my part! Another guy will use the framework for free demos and put a “Powered By the Grey Alien BlitzMax Game Framework” splash screen in his demos. Providing he makes good demos this is great advertising.

I’ve swapped a couple of copies for other useful products too. The authors of the products may not have bought the framework in the first place and I may not have bought their products so a swap is great all round.

Some copies have been given away to people that I thought I was going to work with on a project. The project didn’t pan out as we all got too busy with our own stuff but they now sing its praises on the Blitz forums, which is great advertising. Naturally my normal customers also post about the framework which helps a lot too.

I’ve even given away a couple of copies for people to “evaluate” and they often buy it after that anyway.

Also, as more people use the framework, I get more feedback for how to improve it and some of my customers even found some bugs early on and then helped me fix them. A couple of customers have been very helpful in converting it to the Mac as well.

So thanks everyone! 🙂

Basically give away stuff for free, it works to your advantage! It’s the classic win-win situation.

2 Responses to “Give Stuff Away For Free!”

  1. Ben Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. The same goes for reviews. Don’t make the reviewers jump through hoops to get copies of your games – afterall, they’re giving you advertising for the cost of a download. I asked for some review copies of a couple of games the other day and the company asked me for all sorts of information.

  2. Grey Alien Games Says:

    Yep give away your games for free to reviewers and people who you know will sing their praises where people will hear them.

    I expect some people pretend to be reviewers to get free games but they are probably rare and it should be easy to check out if they have a website and not give them an inquisition!