Dying To Live – New Minigame

Last weekend was the Full Indie June 2012 48-hour game jam and it was epic! 40 indies + 6 organisers and some helpers made games at the Great Northern Way Campus in Vancouver. Some people even turned up from Victoria, Winnipeg and San Diego! We all had a great time and some truly amazing games were made by the jammers.

I made a game called Dying To Live which is a short little puzzle platformer.

Because I was one of the organisers I spent about half the game jam just talking to people. Then on the second evening I began work on the level editor for the game and ran in to trouble loading and saving files in the Monkey language, so I stayed up coding until 5am until that was sorted. Then next (and final day) I spent about 5 hours putting this small 4-level game together with the help of an artist, Ola Rogula (

I had a GREAT time using Monkey. I’m really loving it. Since the jam I began updating my mini-game framework and tweaked the game a little bit but it’s still essentially the same as the game jam version.

I may spend more time improving this with more mechanics that I didn’t get time to implement and then release it on some Flash portals, we’ll see.

[EDIT] OK you can now play the enhanced version here or the original game jam version here

3 Responses to “Dying To Live – New Minigame”

  1. Cezar Wagenheimer Says:

    Very interesting mechanics! =)

  2. Phil Says:

    How different is Monkey from BlitzMax? I like the idea of being able to compile to any platform, but I have loads of BMX code that I’d want to use and I’m not sure how easy it would be to convert.

  3. Grey Alien Games Says:

    It’s a very similar language so was easy to get into. I think people have made convertors. Also there’s now a BlitzMax target meaning you can code in Monkey and convert to BlitzMax if you want some of BlitzMax advantages for PC/Mac games.