Do your projects push your knowledge?

The developers among you may laugh but I figured out how to draw a Bezier curve yesterday and I’m feeling pleased with myself. They look nice don’t they?

I’ve also had to “relearn” 2D transformation matrices and projectile maths for my current project. Luckily I understood both (eventually!) enough to get them to work. These were things that I learnt at school but never really needed since then. Years ago I had to look up quadratic equations to solve a problem of how to make an alien’s bullet intercept your ship if your ship was moving.

It feels nice learning these things and making use of them in a game. Once in code form I can reuse them again easily too of course, and I don’t need to go through all the working out again – just copy and paste and change the parameters!

What have you had to learn recently that you’ve been pleased with?

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