Did you program on Christmas Day?

So I’ll confess that at midnight I downloaded a game similar to the current one I’m writing to check it out and it inspired me to play my own. Unfortunately I spotted a few bugs in some new code I wrote the other day and naturally I just HAD to fix them! For some reason I had a really good vibe what was causing the problems and so luckily they weren’t to hard to fix. This probably took about an hour in all. Then I played on the Xbox 360 until I couldn’t keep my eyes open (just downloaded Halo for half price, 600 points, from XBox Live Arcade).

I asked on the Blitz Forums if anyone else had programmed on Christmas day and discovered that many people had programmed a bit or even all day! Most of the people with families (and children) were pretty good though, and managed to stay away from the PC. Makes it really sound like a bad addiction does it? 🙂

One Response to “Did you program on Christmas Day?”

  1. Jason Says:

    I only managed to get in 10ish hours on Christmas day. 🙂

    My own company though, and my wife is at her mothers for Christmas, so no loved ones going neglected, and no horrible boss-monster.