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Ancient Enemy Dev Diary #7: Battles

Friday, August 9th, 2019

Ancient Enemy is really coming together – we’ve added most of the text (story, lore for collectible cards, etc) and we are gradually slotting the enemy graphics into the game.

We’ve pinned down the level content and enemies. This means making decisions about when to introduce game items (like power ups and potions), attaching items of loot to various classes of enemy, and allocating enemies to levels.

As a result we can now show off a fair amount of gameplay! Check out these short battle videos:

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Ancient Enemy Vlog #2

Sunday, July 7th, 2019

Jake talks about the map node editor he’s been using to add levels and backgrounds to the game.

Ancient Enemy Dev Diary #6: Special Abilities

Wednesday, May 29th, 2019

This week’s video features a roundup of special abilities that we have coded so far in Ancient Enemy.

  • The Castle – removes four random cards
  • Hammer of the Gods – smashes off targeted card and 2 nearby random ones
  • Will-o-the-Wisp – Shuffle
  • Hand of Power – converts targeted card into power (power can be used to learn new spells after each chapter)
  • Pillars of Power – changes the suit of all playable cards to match the targeted playable card
  • Glowing Eyes – converts targeted card into a joker
  • Druidic Runes – changes targeted playable card to your advantage
  • Tree of Fate – removes all targeted playable cards with the same suit as the targeted card
  • Northern Gale – Blasts off two random cards

As you can see these abilities vary in selectivity, with a card like Glowing Eyes, which has a very specific outcome more targeted than one like Northern Gale, which blasts off ‘random cards’.

In terms of strength, The Castle is a more powerful version of Northern Gale, as it removes more cards.

Strategic play is very important to get the most out of each move, conserve power and stay a step ahead of your opponent (the opponent’s next move is indicated on-screen as you make your decision.)

For instance, the suits in the game correspond to – and help charge up – your own hand of cards (attack, defense, magic). So playing Tree of Fate and cleaning up all the playable cards corresponding to melee attack will charge up your melee weapon ready to strike!

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