800,000 hits. 1,000,000 seems closer now!

The crappy little hit counter I have on the bottom of the site now reads 800,000+

In Feb 2009 it was at 500,000 hits so that’s 300,000 hits in the last 11 months, which = 27000+ hits a month.

These last 11 months have shown the most hits ever, despite me blogging slightly less than normal due to the fact that micro-blogging on Twitter is just so damn easy and fun! (If you would like to follow me on Twitter, check out the link over on the top right of the blog).

Back in Feb 2009 I thought I might hit 1,000,000 hits by now, but it seems like that figure is a few months off yet. Still that will be a great milestone to reach! And it seems so close now 🙂

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